Willem Dijk AGF

Specialist in the field of potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

There are those who claim that a large organization is synonymous with great decisiveness. More employees would mean a better organization. However, experience has taught us that in larger organizations the required alertness, and therefore your interests, is often compromised. Our organization is therefore deliberately kept small. Departments connect seamlessly and the buyers and sellers are perfectly attuned to each other. They never lose sight of each other and your interests.

Anyone who has to deal with potatoes, vegetables and fruit on a daily basis knows that speed and organization are inseparable. Especially when, like us, you insist on a handling time of 24 hours as the absolute limit. In order to achieve this goal, we maintain close contact with shippers. Commissioners keep us regularly informed on the auction floor. In this way we remain alert to developments in the market. This benefits the quality and freshness of the products.

About Us

Passion for fresh quality products.

Not just any fresh produce wholesaler, but a family business with a passion for fresh quality products and a good price.

Who are we

We make every effort to provide our customers with the best potatoes, vegetables and/or fruit for a good price.


Our wholesaler was founded in 1994 and Willem Dijk Jr. is now at the helm.

Import & Export

We know the best growers and always opt for first quality and our own import. We export to various countries in Europe.

Our customers

Our clientele is very diverse. We supply the best quality products for a good price.

Willem Dijk AGF is more than fruit and vegetables.


A diverse group of people who are perfectly attuned to each other.


An extensive, own fleet. With 15 trucks that have the most modern cooling techniques.


With 12 premium brands we have a wide range of the best quality products.

Willem dijk agf

Become part of our club of people.

Do you also want to work at a dynamic wholesaler that realizes its growth ambitions every year? From order picker to seller: we may have the ideal workplace for you.

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