Other food

Other Food

More than just fruits and vegetables.

It is not for nothing that we say: Willem Dijk is more than just fruit and vegetables. You can also contact us for various food items including artisanal chips and smoothies & juices. All kinds of articles to serve your customer even more in tasty and healthy food.


Artisan chips with 100% natural flavors and spices.

Ginger Jack

100% organic and healthy ginger drink.

Smoothies and juices

Fresh smoothies and juices with a wide range of flavors.


Ready-made fresh soups in various flavours.


artisan chips

Les Chips de Lucien.

'Les Chips de Lucien' stands for a strong and innovative concept created by 3 members of the same family. Their goal: to process the production of their farms into healthy, artisanal and local chips with an authentic delicious taste. Les Chips de Lucien contain 100% natural flavors and spices, without lactose and gluten. They contain no flavor enhancers or coloring agents. Currently there are 7 flavours, including pesto, onion, tomato and spicy seasoned. A perfect addition to a fruit and vegetable range.

Freshly squeezed

Smoothies and juices.

Both our smoothies and juices come from high-quality suppliers who have been producing the freshest and most delicious juices and smoothies for years. Hoogesteger's smoothies and cold-pressed juices are available in various sizes and flavours. We also sell Schulp juices. Whoever drinks Schulp, tastes fruit. As fruit connoisseurs, they stand on the shoulders of four generations of Schulp fruit growers before them. Thanks to that experience, they make delicious pure and naturally cloudy juice day in and day out.



Ginger Jack.

Ginger Jack is a 100% organic and healthy ginger drink that is traditionally made in Antwerp. Ginger Jack managed to balance 48% cold pressed ginger root with citrus and an herbal bouquet resulting in a unique and balanced drink that is delicious as a shot yet strong enough to be mixed to consumer preference. Ginger Jack is locally and traditionally brewed in a small press house near the city of Antwerp and contains unique, high-quality products such as organic ginger from China, Mediterranean lime and lemon, mint and other secret herbs.

Notenwinkel van Zeist

Noten en zuidvruchten.

Our nut and dried fruit supplier is the Notenwinkel van Zeist. This supplier has a proven concept at hundreds of stores; from portion packs to bulk packs. All nuts are of the best quality and are only roasted after ordering.



Soepen van Soupmakers.

The Soupmakers soups: → are made from fresh vegetable stock drawn overnight; → contain only fresh vegetables and no additives; → come in 9 pure and unique flavours; → have a shelf life of at least 2 weeks upon delivery; → are packed as large double portions (680 ml).


A wide range is an absolute prerequisite.

A wide range is nowadays an absolute requirement in the fresh produce industry. You want to treat your customers to as many variations as possible. Better to offer more choice than less. This means that you want a wide range of good quality products all year round. You will find that top range at Willem Dijk.


With the potatoes from Willem Dijk you always offer your customers a quality potato.


All the vegetables you want: available from your vegetable specialist Willem Dijk.


We are specialists in fruit from Dutch soil, but also in the import of only the best types of fruit.

Private label

We only deliver quality. We market a number of products under our own private label.

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