Import & Export

Importer and exporter of quality.

We do not import fruit and vegetables, but quality. We check the quality from the moment the fruit hangs on the tree or shrub. Whether in Spain, France or elsewhere, the checks remain strict, also because we maintain close contact with our shippers. We import a lot, so check a lot. In addition, a monthly personal check takes place on location.

Our company is located in Enschede, 5 kilometers from the German border. From there we export with our trucks to Emden, Hanover, Bielefeld, Münster and Dortmund. We supply our German customers in the other federal states via external but trusted and reputable carriers. We also export products to the north of Belgium and the UK. With our passionate and highly experienced export team, we are making progress on a daily basis.


Strong in premium brands.

Our team has many years of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, including import. This brings many advantages. We know the best growers in Europe and always opt for first quality and our own imports.This way the cauliflower that was on the field in France yesterday, is in your store today.

Willem Dijk AGF has two premium private labels, Filósofo and Elefant, with which we supply the very best citrus fruits. In addition, we offer tasty apples from Südtirol and we have various foreign products packaged under the Werkelijk Delicaat brand. Products that are all of excellent quality.


Melons, strawberries, peaches, nectarines and plums. Peppers, tomatoes and lettuce varieties.


We import many types of tomatoes and other vegetables (Flandria) from Belgium.


We import from Italy: watermelons, dill, flat-leaf parsley and various types of tomatoes.


We mainly get from Greek soil: watermelons, grapes, peaches and nectarines.

You don't import fruit and vegetables, that's called enter quality.


Continuity in product and quality.

We distinguish ourselves by being active, listening to our customers and always focusing on quality. That is appreciated by our customers. Through great involvement with the various growers and with many of our own brands in our range, we ensure continuity in product and quality.

Willem Dijk carries a wide range of fruit and vegetables. We also offer a full range of potatoes from stock. Dutch, but also German potatoes such as Bellarosa, Maritiema and Allianz. We supply various varieties and pack everything in the packaging you want.

Who are we

We make every effort to provide you with the best potatoes, vegetables and/or fruit for a good price.


Our wholesale company was founded in 1994 and Willem Dijk Jr. is now at the helm.

Our customers

Our clientele is very diverse. We supply the best quality products for a good price.


We are ISO 22000 certified, which means certainty and quality for our customer.

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