From friend service to wholesale.

Willem Dijk senior comes from a family that has been active in the fresh produce industry for decades. His father (grandpa Willem) owned a greengrocer's shop and started transporting fruit and vegetables as a favor to friends. He also did his own purchasing. The apple does not fall far from the tree when Willem (2nd generation) and brother Gerty also roll into the fruit and vegetable world. Willem first as commission agent. In 1985 the brothers took over their father's business under the name 'Gebroeders Dijk'. After a number of years, Willem Dijk AGF was officially founded in May 1994. Brother Gerty becomes head of commercial purchasing and sales.


The third generation at the helm.

Willem Dijk junior joined the company in 1999. Willem jr. could be found in the warehouse from an early age. So by the time he officially enlisted, he knew the organization like the inside of his pocket. Willem jr. has been part of the management together with Willem sr. since 2005, in the role of operational director, until he took over the day-to-day management of the company from his father in 2018. Senior has been given an advisory role and he also maintains contacts with suppliers abroad, often on location.

Staff members

From a friend service with no employees, to a wholesaler with over 100 employees.

Private label

Willem Dijk senior has been a true pioneer in marketing our own brands such as WeDe, Tukker Tuffels and other premium brands such as Elefant and Filósofo.


It started with two trucks and has now grown into a modern fleet with 13 own trucks and several external transporters with regular drivers every day.


From a truck to a hypermodern head office in Enschede and a sales office in Vreden (Germany).

How our organization has grown in recent years.

Establishment of Willem Dijk

Willem Dijk senior, together with Hennie Aartsen, starts under one roof with a wholesaler on the Strootsweg in Enschede.

New location

Two years later, a move takes place: Willem Dijk AGF B.V.settles a little further on at Het Wolbert 1-11 in Enschede.

Pushing boundaries

Slowly but surely, boundaries are being pushed. Dutch suppliers were supplemented with Spanish and French suppliers.

Launch Werkelijk Delicaat

Two house brands are launched: Truly Delicaat and Coelx. Both brands stood and still guarantee quality products.

Start Elefant

From 2003, something is loaded for the first time at Elefant/Aguado. Only a few years later it becomes a mega success.

2004 / 2005
First import Filósofo

In the 2004/2005 citrus season, Willem Dijk will import Filósofo fresh produce for the Dutch market for the first time.

The Year of the Elefant

The demand for Elefant exceeds all expectations. We have purchased a lifelike red elephant to really put the Elefant on the map.

Building renovation

A new office is being built on the existing building. The new cooling hall is once the size of the existing building. Construction will take two years.

Takeover management

The general management will now be transferred to Willem jr. Senior has been given an advisory role and is still responsible for the fleet.

Ready for the future!

By implementing our new top notch software system and the latest refrigeration systems, we are ready for the future!

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    About us

    Specialist in potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

    Anyone who deals with potatoes, vegetables and fruit on a daily basis knows that speed and organization are inseparable. Especially when, like us, you insist on a handling time of 24 hours as an absolute limit. To achieve that goal, we maintain intensive contact with shippers. Commissioners keep us regularly informed on the auction floor. In this way we remain alert to developments in the market. This benefits the quality and freshness of the products.

    Who are we

    We make every day every effort to provide our customers with the best potatoes, vegetables and/or fruit for a good price.

    Import & Export

    We know the best growers and always opt for first quality and our own import. We export to various countries in Europe.

    Our customers

    Our customer base is very diverse. We supply the best quality products for a good price.


    Quality assurance and food safety are extremely important to us. We are therefore certified from the start.

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    7547 SJ Enschede
    053 – 432 58 00