Private Label

Private Label

Exclusive brands at Willem Dijk AGF.

Willem Dijk AGF only supplies quality products and we market a number of them under our own private label. Then you have to be sure that you deliver quality. So we are involved in the whole process, from the land to the customer. Discover which exclusive quality brands we supply.

Werkelijk Delicaat

An extensive range of selected products under the WD brand.


We are the exclusive distributor of this Spanish top brand in the Netherlands.

Tukker Tuffels

A high-quality, washed Bildtstar that we select especially.


The quality citrus of this brand is carefully selected in Valencia, Spain.


house brand

Werkelijk Delicaat.

Willem Dijk supplies selected products under its own brand WD: Werkelijk Delicaat (Really Delicate). Fruit and vegetables of the Werkelijk Delicaat brand are characterized by an excellent total quality. They are all cool products full of flavor that we deliver in beautiful and robust, appropriate packaging. WD products are specially grown for Willem Dijk. Among others in the WD fruit and vegetable range: turnip greens, string beans, green beans, mushrooms, Elstar apples, Conference pears, strawberries, blueberries and more.


Tukker Tuffels.

The Tukker Tuffel is a high-quality, washed Bildtstar that we select especially. This potato is versatile: delicious for cooking, baking and in salads. The grower of the Tukker Tuffel was found after a strict selection. By continuously carrying out quality checks, we guarantee that the specific characteristics and quality remain constant. This special potato is therefore very popular with consumers.


citrus fruits


Since 2006, Willem Dijk has been importing Filósofo citrus directly from the south of Spain exclusively for the Benelux. A well-organized company that only works with the best citrus from different growers. Willem Dijk selects the most beautiful products from this top range. Ranging from Navelina to Valencia-Late and from Ortanique to Clementina and lemons. Our customers are without exception very positive about this. No wonder, because the quality of the Filósofo citrus is very high. The fruit is heavily packed, well sorted and has a delicious taste.


From Spain to the Netherlands.

The Filósofo fruit is packed horizontally in traditional wooden boxes or blue EPS containers. We always deliver the mandarins and oranges packed in Girsack in blue EPS containers. We unload several times a week directly from Spain at Willem Dijk AGF in Enschede. From there we supply the retail trade, cutting companies, itinerant trade, various supermarket organizations and fellow wholesalers.


Sunny Spain is ideal for citrus fruits. The Huerta de Valencia region is renowned worldwide for its orange harvest. The conditions for the fruits are so good that six harvests a year are no exception. Reason enough to get quality oranges here.


The Spanish region of Catalonia lies against the Mediterranean Sea and has a mild sunny climate. A mandarin couldn't wish for better conditions. The result: juicy mandarins full of flavour. We are the only fruit importer in the Netherlands to import these delicious mandarins.


Our tasty lemons come from Murcia, Alicante. This Spanish region has a very hot and dry climate, with the exception of autumn, when it rains a lot. And that's exactly what lemons need: wet roots in dry air. This climate is found nowhere else.

quality citrus


Willem Dijk is the exclusive distributor of the top brand Elefant on the Dutch market. The quality citrus of this brand is carefully selected in Valencia, Spain for quality, appearance and brix. This ensures uniform quality in the box. With the citrus from Elefant we supply tasty, juicy fruit, such as Navel Late and Valencia Late oranges.




We import different types of melons from the quality house Amador: watermelon, honeydew melon, piel de sapo melon and galia melon. We deliver the beautiful, delicious melons from Amador in a sturdy, beautifully designed box. You will see: your customer will come back for an Amador melon.


Südtirol apples.

Willem Dijk has been importing Südtiroler Apfel from the VOG (South Tyrol Fruit Coöperatie) since 2009. This organization is located in the Etschtal between Bolzano and Merano. In this area the sun shines an average of 300 days a year. It makes this location a perfect place to grow and harvest apples naturally. The harvest is of a constant quality in terms of taste, color and shelf life. The apples are stored in so-called DCA cells. As a result, the good condition of the apple is guaranteed and it tastes as if it was harvested today. Our range consists of: Pink Lady, Royal Gala, Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Flavor Rose, Kanzi, Rubens and Fuji.


magic of quality


The basis for this consumer brand also remains: quality. Quality, craftsmanship and craftsmanship are what our sector is all about. With VAN WILLEM. let's see this in its purest form. Under VAN WILLEM. At the moment the products are asparagus and cherries. Both temporarily available products. The temporary availability adds to the magic of the product.

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