Cross dock partners

Cross dock

Together with our partners – a comprehensive range.

We are characterized by potatoes, vegetables and fruits. In addition, we want to relieve our customers as much as possible, so we work with the best cross-dock partners to be able to offer you even more. Willem Dijk can take care of the packaging for you or slice your fruit and vegetables. Absolutely not an issue.


VersAlert offers handmade fresh salads, dishes and more.


There is a large selection of sliced fruits and vegetables.


Packaging material will be delivered with your order.

De Notenwinkel

A handmade selection of nut and dried fruit.


Salads, dishes and more


At VersAlert, they do everything for the traditional fresh specialist. Vegetable retailers are the true trendsetters in Dutch retail. VersAlert offers you the greatest support possible, with only one goal: to help entrepreneurs stand out with fresh products. VersAlert is the supporter and the specialist when it comes to fresh products. Would you also like to become a VersAlert customer and place your orders with us? Visit the VersAlert website and simply register.



Handy: Your vegetables, fruits and packaging materials can be ordered and delivered in one go. With Twepa it is possible to order the packaging material you need at the same time as your fruit and vegetables. No double delivery, but your products come to you in one go. One shipment, one bill. You can easily order your products in the Twepa Webshop. This ensures that your products are delivered at the same time as your regular order.


Sliced ​​vegetables and fruits


Together with our partner Otten for Fruit and Vegetables we can offer a wide selection of sliced fruits and vegetables. Otten has been active in the fruit and vegetable trade and in the processing and preparation of many varieties for over 35 years. Feel free to ask your Willem Dijk sales representative for more information about a possible collaboration.

Nuts and dried fruits

De Notenwinkel van Zeist.

Nuts and dried fruit from De Notenwinkel van Zeist are available from Willem Dijk. All nuts are freshly roasted daily in natural peanut oil. This guarantees the highest quality and preserves the delicious natural flavours of our products. With De Notenwinkel van Zeist we have a very large selection of nuts and dried fruits.



A wide selection is an absolute must.

A wide range is nowadays an absolute must in the fresh produce industry. You want to offer your customers as many variations as possible. It is better to offer more choice than less. This means you want a wide selection of high quality products all year round. This unbeatable assortment is available at Willem Dijk.


With our potatoes you can offer your customers a high quality product.


Fresh vegetables are available from your vegetable specialist Willem Dijk.


We are specialists for fruit from Dutch soil, but also for the import of the best fruit varieties.

Private label

We only deliver quality. We market a number of products under our own private label.

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