Who are we

An organization that can build on each other.

Willem Dijk is a family business. One who likes fair trade in beautiful quality products. We make every effort to provide our customer with the best potatoes, vegetables and/or fruit for a good price. In addition, we like openness when it comes to who we are, what we do and how we do it.

our advantages

6 advantages of Willem Dijk.

Closed cold chain from producer to customer
Equipped with the latest cooling techniques, our trucks and suppliers drive to your store at home and abroad. There is never a moment between the shipping agent and your store that the goods come into contact with a temperature higher than 7° Celsius. The refrigeration equipment on the trucks meets the most modern standards. This gives you the certainty that the products continuously maintain the right temperature and remain fresh. There is a maximum travel distance of twenty-four hours between your shop and the grower and horticulturist. No more.
Only fresh quality products
We guarantee freshness of all our products by keeping the temperature under control in our complex. We have special cold stores with a constant temperature of 3° Celsius and a cold store specifically for exotics with a constant temperature of 6° Celsius. Our banana cell has a temperature of 13° Celsius and the storage shed has a room cooling of 7° Celsius.
Always personal contact
Sharp purchasing requires an alert organisation. Willem Dijk therefore has effective and qualified employees in-house. This is the only way we can guarantee that your quality order will arrive at your doorstep at a competitive price and at the time you want. Always personal contact with a regular seller. So nice.
Fast delivery

Ordered before 17:00, it is delivered the next day. We have been living up to this golden rule for years with our entire team. Our telephone sales can be reached on weekdays from 07:00 – 17:00 and on Saturdays from 07:30 – 12:30. We have also known for years that an order sometimes comes to our customers' minds after 5 pm. That is not a problem with Willem Dijk. After 5 pm you will get one of our warehouse employees on the phone. They are happy to help you with a possible back order.

Cash & Carry

Our warehouse (cash & carry) is open from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 17:00 and on Saturdays from 07:30 to 11:00. You are most welcome at the Ossenboer 2 in Enschede to pick up the desired daily fresh trade yourself. Our warehouse salesmen are happy to assist you. Of course you can also order in advance and pick up your order.

ISO 22000-certified
Quality assurance and food safety are extremely important to us. That is why we have been certified at Willem Dijk Fruit & Vegetables from the start. Until the end of 2019 we have always carried the HACCP certification. Since January 2020 we are even ISO 22000 certified. This standard is most in line with our organization and what customers expect from us. ISO 22000 goes very far in food safety. Our customers receive fruit and vegetables that meet the statutory or other statutory requirements, guidelines and regulations of the European Commission. In addition, our employees master the processes necessary to maintain and monitor this quality standard. You can download the certificate from the 'Certification' page.

Meet our commercial team.

Stefan Brughuis
Stefan Brughuis
Evert Pross
Evert Pross
Geert Kruize
Geert Kruize
Han Daniels
Han Daniels
Ivo van der Meer
Ivo van der Meer
Maikel Vuurboom
Maikel Vuurboom
Matheus Sari
Matheus Sari
Rene Vuurboom
Rene Vuurboom
Richard van der Helm
Richard van der Helm
Ronnie Moorman
Damian Monnikhof
Willem Dijk jr
Willem Dijk junior
Willem Dijk sr
Willem Dijk senior

About us

Family business with a passion for potatoes, vegetables and fruit.

Aardappelen, groenten en fruit gaan door veel handen. In veel gevallen bij de tussenhandel ook. Zo niet bij Willem Dijk. Of het nu gaat om de afstand van het land tot de klant of tussen u en ons. Wij kiezen graag voor de kortste weg om zo de beste kwaliteit te garanderen. Onze mensen hebben allemaal jarenlang ervaring in de AGF-branche, dit brengt vele voordelen met zich mee. Wij weten wat er speelt in de markt, zijn bekend met het werk op de veiling, hebben ervaring als commissionair en houden als geen ander van aardappelen, groente en fruit. Daarom kiezen we altijd voor eerste kwaliteit en eigen import.

Import & Export

We do not import fruit and vegetables, but quality. From our location in Enschede we export to Germany, Belgium and the UK.

Our customers

Proud of our extensive range of customers. From specialist shops to market traders and supermarkets know where to find us for the best quality and service.


From friendship to wholesale. Read all about the special history of our family business (3rd generation) Willem Dijk AGF.


Quality assurance and food safety are extremely important to us. That is why we have been certified at Willem Dijk fresh produce from the start.

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We are looking for you! Come work for a dynamic company in the fruit and vegetable sector.

We are always looking for enthusiastic employees in our storage and transhipment warehouse. But you can also work with us in commercial positions or in transport.

Warehouse worker

Are you familiar with all markets and looking for a varied job?

Order picker FT

Are you looking for a fun and flexible side job?

Welcome bonus

Take an advantage of the welcome bonus we have and earn up to 500 euros!

Internship / Graduation

We have the opportunity to do an internship or do graduation research in various departments.

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